Welcome to Burnside Digital

Burnside Digital Distribution partners with The Orchard for the distribution, promotion, and marketing of our entire digital catalog of labels and artists. Since 2008 our digital sales at Burnside have increased 700% as we now service over 400 digital storefronts worldwide. The Burnside Digital Dashboard has the most cutting edge analytics in the business, right at your fingertips. You can track daily iTunes sales, weekly Amazon MP3, eMusic, Spotify, YouTube streaming and many more. You even have the ability to pull up an iTunes "heatmap" and track your sales by zip code all over the world. 

The Burnside Digital team brings years of experience and a broad network of relationships to the table. Our international marketing efforts are supported by The Orchard’s technology platform and people on the ground with local industry knowledge and contacts. Combining technology, consistent communication, and personal relationships with industry tastemakers, our marketing team has been able to secure feature placements for our labels on iTunes, Amazon, Google's music service, eMusic and many others. What’s more, working directly with Burnside’s Digital Distribution manager means you’ll have a knowledgeable advocate to help every step of the way in managing your music through the platform so your titles won’t fall by the wayside.




For more details contact:

Skip Werner

Vice President
P: (503) 231-0876 ext 202
6635 N. Baltimore Ave. Suite 226
Portland, OR 97203