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Dyer, Tom, I Ain't Blue Anymore

Green Monkey's Tom Dyer is a Seattle guy with an inconsistent musical predilection. With his fifth album since 2009 and his eighth overall, he has abandoned some of the eclectism that marked his previous solo work and created his most cohesive album. Dyer: ""I thought I was making a blues record all the way, but with covers of The Sonics and Captain Beefheart, I'm guessing most people won't think that."" Mix those two up with a love for Howlin' Wolf, Son House and John Lee Hooker and you start to get the idea. This is a one man show, Dyer plays every instrument, he recorded, mixed and mastered it. The songs range from the traditional John The Revelator to this June's topical There Be Killin' (In My Town). I Ain't Blue Anymore is a rich distillation of the influences of Dyer's youth that stands on its own two hind legs.

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