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Dyer, Tom, 1 + 1 = ?

Tom Dyer’s thirteenth album since 2009, 1+1 = ? is an album of collaborations. Dyer and mostly one other person, trying to make a sound that is interesting, pure, unfettered. More than half of these songs do not have drums. Most are slow. Some songs were written prior to the collaboration, others like the psycho-matic Alaska (Put It In Your Head) with The OF’s John Carey are total improvisation. The orchestrated opener, Everything In The World Is Returning To A State Of Nature started living in Dyer’s head in 2004 while riding the commuter train to Boston and looking at rust. The clangorous train-wreck song Death At Mounts Road did not exist in any form until Tom and Amy Denio walked in the recording studio on a January 2018 Saturday morning. This album stands alone as an artifact. These songs will not be performed in public.

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