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Ben Weaver, Stories Under Nails

“Stories Under Nails”, is Ben Weaver’s 4th release and the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2002 release, “Hollerin’ at a Woodpecker,” which was named #3 MOJO Americana album of 2003. Part folk, part alt country, part primal scream, Weaver fouly howls what the rest of us sublimate. There's a dark side to his playful songs and light in his ugliness, and he straddles that fine line between being a true poet and somebody who bitches too much. Weaver is one of those rare talents whose audience will be a delicate combination of high-minded academics and mean drunks. If his music makes you cry, you were probably due a good cry and you probably deserve it. Every story comes from a place, has a voice, and like a sharp razor always leaves a scar. “Gutter-pulpit sermons in a disturbed netherworld. A one man Brother’s Grimm with no happy endings. Enjoy.” – Uncut

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