Burnside Album Details

Diane, Alela & The Hackles, It's Always Christmas Somewhere

Alela Diane has always talked about making a classic Christmas album. The conversation of making a Christmas album continued overseas while Alela was on tour with folk trio The Hackles (Kati Claiborn, Luke Ydstie, Halli Anderson also known from other projects such as Blind Pilot, Horse Feathers and River Whyless) in early 2023. The Hackles and Alela laughed about the idea of creating The Santa’s Gospel, and shared increasing excitement about collaborating on a full length Christmas album together. Within a few months of their return from tour, the musicians, all residing in the lush environs of the Pacific Northwest, began to track down their favorite holiday songs and share them among each other to see which ones might stick. Luke and Kati’s daughter Hazel, who is 9, quipped: “Well, I guess It’s Always Christmas Somewhere…” the title stuck. Alela Diane and The Hackles have made good on their intentions. They have delivered a definitive Christmas album, shrouding some of the classic and most beloved Christmas songs in sparse, delicate arrangements with all the appropriate holiday spices.