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Dyer, Tom & The True Olympians, Olympia: A True Story

Olympia: A True Story,"a 40-song, 47 track, 3-CD album with 80-page book, is a loving ode to Olympia, Washington. It tells the story of Olympia going back 2 million years, with over 100 guest Olympia musicians. Recorded over 4 years thru the pandemic, it is Tom Dyer’s usual heady brew of musical eclecticism writ large. It is monumental. This is the tale of the greater Olympia area told through the lens of a third-generation Olympian who left town after graduating from Olympia HS in 1971, returning in 2016. This is not any sort of complete history; it is a collection of sonic sketches reflecting the band’s particular take on the many-headed beast that is Olympia. They hope their little entertainment will inspire people to dig deeper into the story of their hometown. They will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the not-for-profit Olympia Arts and Heritage Alliance.