Burnside Album Details

Olson, Mark & Ingunn Ringvold, 'Magdalen Accepts the Invitation' LP

This third collaboration between Americana pioneer Mark Olson (Jayhawks) and Norwegian singer/multi-instrumentalist Ingunn Ringvold mines a Death Valley isolation chamber folk/pop sound awash with dramatic darkness and vivid light. While continuing along the Americana-cobbled roads they took on their first two albums, the husband-and-wife duo here explore lesser traveled musical territories here. The album sounds like you are out in the desert all alone, remembering childhood experiences and music and the joy took place. Says Olson, “The writing of the new music is the desert I long to return to. This valley of sounds is where I really want to be and what takes up the most time in my consciousness.” In 1985, Olson founded the Jayhawks and was a principal songwriter, singer and guitarist for the band’s first four albums. THe LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl