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Jigsaw Seen, The, What About Christmas? EP

Vibro-phonic Recordings is pleased to announce the release of What About Christmas?, the new 5 song EP by The Jigsaw Seen. The disc kicks off with the brand new holiday classic “What About Christmas?” The lead track is a dynamic song featuring soaring mellotron strings, a Spectorian percussion arrangement and guitars both heavy and delicate. Three live tracks are next, starting off with “First of May,” originally recorded by the Bee Gees, which ties in lyrically with the EP’s title track. The song segues into the Velvet Underground’s “Jesus,” featuring some intricate guitar and bass interplay. The band closes the live portion with their rousing rendition of the Venture’s arrangement of “Sleigh Ride.” The final track is an acoustic work-up of “What About Christmas?”. The new studio recordings have been meticulously mixed by Nick Walusko (Brian Wilson, Wondermints). With What About Christmas? the band has managed to transcend the holiday song genre. “Jingle Bell Rock” it is not!

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