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Bloody Honkies, The, The Gospel of The Bloody Honkies

The Bloody Honkies were founded in a magic barn somewhere in the far east of Holland late 2005. Four soul brothers started playing loud; with the same attitude, a lot of love for the same style of rock ‘n roll and a lack of respect for any convention, feeling the need to spread their own Gospel. The band doesn’t know any other way than to play their type of rock. That style is a result of their love for music and the urge to escape everyday life and just have a swingin’ good time. Sing- and danceman Lawrence Mul, guitarist Wout Kemkens, drummer Hooky and bass player Clemens Mul serve their relentless rock & roll raw, swingin’, energetic and loud. Lyrics about life, death, women, love, religion, and the damage these pleasures cause are empowered by psychedelic and vulgar guitar licks and pumpin’ bass & drums.