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Copper Gamins, The, Los Ninos De Cobre LP

The Copper Gamins follow the splash created by their 2012 debut EP with a 17-song Vinyl long player, Los Niños de Cobre, that's a further "kinetic ball of lo-fi goodness… bringing authenticity and a deep love of 'primitive' American blues where many artists refuse to go," as Rank and Revue raved of the opening salvo by this visionary Mexican guitar/drums duo. Think Black Keys dragged through the mud of early Delta blues and injected with minimalist adventurism playing in God's own rock garage in the mountains of Mexico. "We're talking raw-cacophonic trash rock with wild child naiveté," notes influential indie zine The Big Takeover. As charming as it arresting and mind-expanding, this album is a future nugget of stunning uniqueness that is not to be missed today. This is a limited edition of 300 with 14 songs on white vinyl

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