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Greenberger, David & Mark Greenberg with Paul Cebar, Tell Me That Before

Artist David Greenberger, best known for 32 years of his periodical, The Duplex Planet, has created four new CDs of monologues with music. These are four purposefully varied musical approaches: from the stately chamber arrangements of Never Give Up Study to the cinematic sweep of Tell Me That Before; from the sly rhythmic interplay of How I Became Uncertain to the funhouse romp with Carney on OH, PA. Greenberger’s monologues are full of warmth and respect for old people. His text is developed from the conversations he has with people who still find pleasure in the company of others, and who open, sometimes in very small ways, to someone taking an interest in them. This is Greenberger’s art. He abstracts these dialogues, eschewing oral history, celebrating small moments by shaping them into works that resonate with shared humanity. Over the years he has worked with a range of musical collaborators, including Terry Adams (of NRBQ), David Hidalgo & Louis Perez (of Los Lobos), 3 Leg Torso, and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. “David Greenberger meanders around America, lovingly collecting the life stories of old people like fireflies in a jar…I recommend this to anybody who cares about people.”– Robyn Hitchcock“[Greenberger] is never condescending, never mean, never ironic, and sometimes really funny. His records and his magazine, Duplex Planet, will enlighten you, fill your heart, and also break your heart.” – Penn Jillette"Then the moving stuff seems funny, and the funny stuff seems moving… you’re stunned by the realization that we all live on Duplex Planet.”– Matt Groening