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Greenberger, David & A Strong Dog, So Tough

For two decades artist David Greenberger (best known for 32 years of his periodical, The Duplex Planet) has been exploring the ways in which music can be wedded to spoken monologues. Greenberger’s archives of conversations with elderly at meal sites, community centers, assisted living, nursing homes, and private residences are the basis for the new text explored in the soon to be released CD, So Tough with A Strong Dog, the New York-based ensemble. Greenberger’s monologues are full of warmth and respect for old people. He presents characters who still find pleasure in the company of others, and who open up, sometimes in very small ways, to someone taking an interest in them. This is Greenberger’s art: eschewing oral history, abstracting dialogues by shaping them into works that resonate with shared humanity.