Burnside Album Details

Jazzy Ash, Swing Set

"Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards are releasing their fourth studio album, 'Swing Set', this summer! We've chosen 14 songs to represent and celebrate music created by African-American children, adults, and musicians from the mid-1800s to the early jazz era. You'll hear a fresh take on sassy playground clapping songs, soulful lullabies and classic New Orleans melodies, all presented in style by Jazzy Ash and her band. Every song on this record is over 90 years old. Although many of the songs are familiar, most of the songs' authors are anonymous. But through the melodies and the lyrics, we discover their stories. These songwriters were musicians, or children at play. They were family members; mothers and fathers. They were hard-working and passionate. They danced! They had fun! Now, we have the privilege of gathering these tunes, polishing them up, and presenting them to new audience. It's a swingin' good time! "