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Chris Spedding, One Step Ahead of the Blues

Guitarist Chris Spedding was a mainstay of the British session scene in London during the ‘70s, playing with just about everyone from Elton John, John Cale, Roy Harper, Dusty Springfield, Harry Nilsson & Bryan Ferry to The Bay City Rollers (anonymously!) and the Sex Pistols. Spedding produced the demos which got the Sex Pistols their first record deal. Since 1979 Spedding has been living and working in the U.S., where he had a long association with rockabilly singer Robert Gordon which continued into 1992. During the ‘80s Spedding continued to appear on records by Joan Armatrading, Laurie Anderson, Ton Waits, Nina Hagen and Paul McCartney in whose movie “Give My Regards to Broad Street” he appeared as a band member. He tours extensively in Europe with his own band and he was recently reunited with Phil Manzanera and Byran Ferry when he played second guitar on last year's Roxy Music world tour. Spedding’s current album, “One Step Ahead of the Blues”, is a return to his R&B roots. He is continuing his association with Bryan Ferry and will tour with him this summer.