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Rabbits, Bites Rites LP

What to do about this Rabbits problem? When last we heard from this Portland aggregation they had released their first full-length LP, Lower Forms, "totally absurd... in the best possible way" [A.V. Club]. All Music Guide said "in time, one could see this making a lot more sense." Bites Rites, the new release on Good to Die Records, opens a deep portal into the mind of the superorganism that is Rabbits. And something in that mind is not right. Like many that came before them, with success and worldwide fame came the predictable descent into bitterness, jealousy, paranoia, and eventual madness. The toll taken is obvious in both the sound and substance of the new record. Rabbits descended down into a Felony Flats basement with someone named Fester to ratchet up the sonic insanity. Guitars became grisly fried noisemakers and drums an off-the-rails machine shop (still no bass-how is it so HEAVY?!) with vocals from some deranged lunatic backed by a Family-spawned youth crew.