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Severe, Serge, Concrete Techniques

"Serge Severe is a Portland mic-slayer on a mission. He is one of the most well-rounded, multi-dimensional MCs in the Northwest, possessing a formidable stage presence, strong song-writing skills, and ferocious freestyle ability. Serge has shared stages with Hip Hop heavyweights, Rza of Wu Tang Clan, Planet Asia, Living Legends, Del The Funky Homosapien, Blue Scholars and many more. In 2006, after years of freestyling, writing, recording and rocking live shows, Serge Severe released his solo debut Walk In My Shoes. It was received with great praise from fans and reviewers alike, and one website, Hiphoplingustics.com, even claimed it as one of the ""Top Ten Underground Hip Hop Albums of 2006"". In collaboration with Universal DJ Sect, whose beats comprise an impressive collection of throwback soul, Serge has taken great strides as a lyricist, staying true to himself and refusing to stagnate stylistically. Serge's new album, Concrete Techniques, showcases his ability to stretch words around tight beats with a verbal dexterity seldom seen in mainstream Hip-Hop."