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Luck-One, True Theory

Rarely do you find an artist whose message transcends the music through which he or she speaks. From the same mold as important socio-economic and political sculptors Tupac Shakur, Bob Dylan, and Bob Marley, comes Luck-One; an awe-inspiring hip-hop artist from Portland, Oregon. Nearly ten years ago, as Luck was on the verge of releasing his debut LP Live From the Underground with his now defunct group, Seventh Science, he was arrested on robbery and gun charges. After being tried as an adult the 17-year-old would tragically wind up serving over half a decade behind penitentiary bars. Throughout his sentence he continued to sharpen his social awareness through study and observation. By the time of his release he managed to teach himself a second language and study marketing in a self-motivated effort to emerge a savvy businessman. Since his confinement, Luck-One has emerged triumphantly with a vision to use his music as a cross-cultural medium for change.