Burnside Album Details

Martin, Eddie, Contrary Mary

Ripping slide guitar and a genre-sweep from classic rock to country blues-rock map the contours of the latest tough but slick album from the UK's Eddie Martin. Master-class chops on guitar and harmonica are to be expected now from this highly-rated multi-instrumentalist with nine rave-reviewed albums under his belt. He has been around long enough to know that a good record is about putting over strong songs with feeling. He achieves this and more on Contrary Mary this album rocks with exciting grooves and hooks-aplenty. Co-produced and mixed at Queen's Priory Studios by Joshua J Macrae (David Bowie, Foo Fighters Yardbirds) this is a great sounding record which should push comfortably into mainstream classic rock radio-play while still keeping Eddie's blues fans happy. All 10 tracks are original and feature Martin's trademark gritty emotive vocals and excellent musicianship all-round. It's a must-buy party record for all generations..but there's lyrical depth to ponder as well as grooves to move your feet to.

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