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Rave, Dave & Mark McCarron, In The Blue Of My Dreams

Dave Rave and Mark McCarron first galvanized their love of jazz, pop, Ravel and Debussy with their 2002 CD release Another Side Of Love (Bongo Beat). Dave and Mark continue to push the jazz envelope by incorporating woodwinds and strings; taking their experiments into the outskirts of post-bop traditionalism with this new CD, featuring such NYC jazz players as Matt Ray (piano), Joe Bussey (bass) and Stefan Schatz (drums) and the woodwinds/string players from the Toronto Symphony - a subdued and sophisticated sound. "Dave creates lush, jazz/ blues-inflected work and shows off his Sinatra-esque crooning prowess on a lovely version of 'The Song Is You'. Even better, though, are the original songs: the gorgeously resigned 'At The End Of Day'.. - Whisperin & Hollerin, UK

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