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Dowd, Johnny, Cruel Words

Released in Europe in February 2006, "Cruel Words" arrives on our shores with 4-and 5-star reviews from every major UK music mag, including Mojo (4 Stars, "as much jazz as roots music, as much poetry as rock"); Maverick (5 Stars, "Johnny Dowd is a law unto himself"); Classic Rock (8 stars, "the songs are quirky but they rock"); Time Out London (5 Stars, "Gothic Folk Funk"); Daily Mirror (4 Stars, "wit and wisdom to match even the late great Warren Zevon"); and The Independent (5 Stars, "may be the greatest album of his career"). North American tour starts late July and goes until late September. Guest vocals by Sally Timms & Jon Langford of The Mekons. Album & tour publicity by Cary Baker at Conqueroo.

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