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Lauren Agnelli, Love Always Follows Me

Lauren Agnelli is surely a Renaissance Woman of music. In the ‘70s, she was a writer for the legendary Creem magazine under the alias of Trixie A. Balm. As a freelancer, she wrote the early bio/press release for Pattie Smith. As a musician, she was part of the CBGB’s 1977 nerve-center with her band Nervus Rex (debut lp with Blondie/Pat Benetar producer Mike Chapman). In 1983, she formed neo-beatnik folksters The Washington Squares (nominated for a Grammy award), and in the ‘90s, the duo of Agnelli and Rave racked up rave reviews with ex-Television drummer Billy Ficca, touring and recording in Russia for Melodiya Records. Whew! These days, Lauren is an after hours chanteuse in chic Manhattan clubs; sultry vocals sugar coating the bitter pills of sad, lonely standards with an innocence and faith that things will be better.