Burnside Album Details

Bocephus King & Orchestra Familia, The Illusion of Permanence

This new album by the Canadian original dreamer and songwriter, Bocephus King is titled Illusion of Permanence. Bocephus King strives for a wiser songwriting full of details and quotes that takes the listener by hand and follows him through a labyrinth of mirrors and illusions with an evocative and dramatic soundtrack. Amongst the instruments are violins, persian setar, and warm percussions which taste of middle-east flavor, but also pedal steel, electric guitars and a voice that reminds Dylan. It’s impossible to put Bocephus King’s style under a certain label or genre, so leave any preconceived notions by the door and let your mind follow this new musical journey. The Canadian king is back and Illusion of Permanence will bring you new emotions with each listen.