Burnside Album Details

Phone Call, Hang Ups

Portland's best kept secret is the duo known as Phone Call. Their fans devour the bands smooth dance funk and electronic R&B and want to keep it all to themselves. Who can blame them? Comprised of singer Bailey Winters and synth player Johnny Zeigler, sharing production and programming, their seamless organic chemistry is rare and coveted naturally. The project arose from the band Strength whose two full length albums, arguably ahead of their time, were obsessingly consumed by those on the inside but still remain in relative obscurity. The evolution from trio to duo solidified and tightened the already focused smooth sound. Sharing the same scene with Glass Candy, Starfucker, and countless other Portland bands, they are truly an artist's artist. Well respected, known on the inside and ready to break through to the other side. Phone Call is ringing. Go ahead...pick up.

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