Burnside Album Details

Uncle Toasty, 'Uncle Toasty' 10" EP

Uncle Toasty began as a side project of the thumping Fort Worth-based garage band Mean Motor Scooter initiated by drummer Jeffrey Chase Friedman. Friedman stepped out from behind the traps and fronts the band on guitar and lead vocals. The band’s eponymous 4-song 10” EP has a big loud sound that calls up influences including the post-punk grunge of Jesus Lizard, Tad and Skin Yard along with the slightly more contemporary garage stylings of Jay Reatard and Ty Segall. Their first few live outings last fall created quite a stir and the band has a full-length in the works. Steve Steward of Ft. Worth Weekly writes “Uncle Toasty does not reinvent the wheel — no one can deny that high decibels and a crowd large enough and ready and willing to absorb them make for a great experience — but it certainly slaps on the right tires for the job.” Uncle Toasty is a band ready to roll into the “The Roaring Twenties”.