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Local H, Local H's Awesome Quarantine Mix-Tape #3

Rock n' roll stalwarts Local H remain as prolific and hungry as ever three decades into their perennially loud career. Shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed, Steve Albini produced album Lifers in 2020, the world changed forever with the onset of the global pandemic. After facing tour cancellations around the world, Local H became one of the first bands to embrace the drive-in concert experience, in addition, to live streaming numerous shows from their practice space. While locked under quarantine, the band recorded their third covers album to date, aptly titled Local H's Awesome Quarantine Mix Tape #3. Featuring an eclectic mix of their influences, contemporaries, and favorite artists, Local H (guitarist/vocalist Scott Lucas and drummer Ryan Harding) pay tribute to everyone from Prince and Blondie to Fountains of Wayne and Mark Lanegan with Brandy originally by Looking Glass almost half a century ago.

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