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Dead Moon, Tales from the Grease Trap Volume 1: Dead Moon, Live at Satyricon

Voodoo Doughnut Recordings presents a blistering-hot live recording by NW punk legends Dead Moon whose roots go back to the garage rock of the 60s (The Weeds, Lollipop Shoppe). Featuring husband-and-wife team Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and bass, respectively, and Andrew Loomis on drums, the recording, from a single performance at Portland's now-defunct temple of grunge Satyricon on April 16, 1993, captures the seminal trio at the peak of their bone-crunching powers. Blending punk, garage rock and country, Dead Moon creates their own genre of raw, unmistakable stripped-down sound. The audio, originally captured on an 8-channel analog cassette tape, was mixed and mastered in late 2014 by New York punk and hardcore producer Don Fury. The result is a fully functional time machine back to the most gritty and dangerous-sounding days of Portland punk rock.

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