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Jigsaw Seen, The, Old Man Reverb CD

The Jigsaw Seen have more than lived up to expectations with their new masterwork, Old Man Reverb. The album is rich with musical ideas executed by the band in an impeccable manner. From intricate orchestral arrangements to primal rock, The Jigsaw Seen seamlessly combine diverse elements that support the album’s themes of nature and music. Soaring Mellotrons embrace husky baritone guitar figures, while glammy guitars and ornamental piano runs support a Vocoder laugh track. The dynamic foursome of Dennis Davison, Jonathan Lea, Tom Currier and Teddy Freese always know just what the song requires. Echoes of Ennio Morricone, Jimmy Webb, The Stooges and Gene Clark careen through the caverns of Old Man Reverb. The songs have multiple layers and meanings and The Jigsaw Seen have many moods. This is the band at its peak of creativity, brace yourself for the reverberations. Also available is a vinyl LP package that also contains a copy of the CD. The packaging for both is gloriously elaborate.

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