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Tango Alpha Tango, White Sugar LP

Tango Alpha Tango is a rock n’ roll trio who has been cutting their teeth on the road since 2008. Led by writer/singer/guitarist, Nathan Trueb, and joined by his wife, Mirabai on bass, and Joey Harmon on drums, they call Portland, OR home. Their newest release is White Sugar and it is just that. Experimental R&B blends with a signature rock n’ roll sound which can be as heavy as it can be poignant at the most surprising of moments. White Sugar also has a conceptual theme that threads the lyrics together from song to song that gives a listener an invaluable experience that is honest and relatable. The record is unabashedly rock n’ roll, but not in a revivalist way, because Tango Alpha Tango is confident that it never left, and as long as they are around it won’t be going anywhere.

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