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Freddie Steady's Wild Country, Lucky 7

By 1986, Freddie Steady Krc had already been playing British Invasion-rooted rock and roll all over Texas for years. It only made sense to him that he should turn the tables while living in London for most of that year and take his own special brand of Texas music all over Britain. The Texan with a rock and roll soul embraced his country roots with this classic album. Freddie Steady’s own brand of high lonesome country soul incorporates the Tex Mex of his Austin home and the Cajun roots of his native Southeast Texas with a band comprised of renowned Brit pub rockers. The re-release is enhanced by four lost bonus tracks recorded in Texas with Butch hancock, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Floyd Domino and Alvin Crow amongst others. All these musical categories are just pieces of the Freddie Steady puzzle. It’s really just Texas country, roots country, good country. Wild Country!

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