Burnside Album Details

Grandpa Death Experience, 'The Unforgiving Shoe Of The Future'

The Unforgiving Shoe Of The Future is the debut release from the Grandpa Death Experience. The band is the vehicle for singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Ron Goudie. Goudie career in music began in the late 1970’s in Southern California as a member of the seminal hardcore band Modern Warfare and as a founder of Enigma Records. Along the way he signed, produced or mixed everyone from Poison, Stryper, Flaming Lips, GWAR and Death Angel to Mojo Nixon. Goudie eventually landed broke and broken in Amsterdam in the late ’90’s and recently put together the Grandpa Death Experience. The lyrics trace Goudie’s struggles and the music ranges doomish grooves, rock flavored ballads and punk goof. Said the late legendary producer Kim Fowley of Goudie and Grandpa Death Experience: “You make your old man, real age work for you...keep it creepy and confessional."