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Sapient, Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger

The beats on Sapient's latest album, Eaters Vol. 2: Light Tiger have been described as "Ratatat, Madlib and A-Trak had a baby, dipped it in the ooze famed by Ninja Turtle lore and set it loose on the world". His hard-hitting production, banded with unmatched delivery and wit on the mic are what make Sapient's new release as intimidating as it is addictive. Hailing from Portland, OR, Sapient is is becoming a monarch of Northwest Hip Hop and has collaborated with luminary voices from the likes of Macklemore, Aesop Rock, Slug (Atmosphere), The Grouch and many more. Sapient's high energy live performance has taken him across the world, touring frequently since 2010. As a DIY artist, he is always hands on: producing, mixing and mastering, designing album covers, directing videos, and developing his unique brand with an insatiable work ethic.

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