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Audrey Auld, Tonk

Some people say Nashville doesn't put out good country music anymore. Audrey Auld's Tonk album will prove them wrong. And how! Singing better than ever and released on her own Reckless Records imprint, Tonk is without doubt Audrey Auld's finest work to date. Audrey wears her love for old-school country on her sleeve. But this is no retro devotional. Audrey is a self-actualized woman singing out all her love, loneliness and laughter, with a fabulous band playing a swinging beat. This is country music the way it ought to feel. Produced by Kenny Vaughan & George Bradfute in Jim Reeves’ old studio with backing by (Marty Stuart’s) Fabulous Superlatives with Chris Scruggs, Andy Leftwich and Gary carter, Nashville veterans all playing live in the studio together without isolations booths, overdubbing or auto-tune. This lady is the real deal from the South---Southern Australia that is.

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