Burnside Album Details

Drake, Scott "Deluxe", Grand Mal

As founder, lead singer and songwriter of The Humpers, Scott “Deluxe” Drake spearheaded the street rock and roll revolution of the early 1990's. Scott and The Humpers signed to indie giants Epitaph Records in 1995 and took to the road for the next five years, spreading their raunchy gospel across America and Europe. The Humpers inspired young musicians in such far-flung lands that 2007 saw the release of a Humpers' tribute album in, of all places, Serbia! This year Scott continues his dominance of his chosen genre as a solo artist with the masterful Grand mal . With songwriting that stands head and shoulders above the pack and a high energy stage show that has to be seen to be believed, Scott “Deluxe” Drake delivers something that is in short supply in 2007, real American rock and roll for the head and for the heart.