Burnside Album Details

Bert Wilson, Dedicated To Friends and Mothers

A bebop journey for saxophonist Bert Wilson, an “out” musical icon and sought after treasure, spawned from the exploration period of ‘60’s San Francisco and bebop’s next revolution. Artists of all kinds journey to hear Wilson and his saxophone, and to open their minds. Featuring the highly expressive drummer Zitro, reuniting those early days, with Craig Hoyer on and all over the piano; Dan Schulte , bass; Syd Potter's Tad-ish trumpet; and Nancy Curtis on flute. This is for the in-the-know jazz fan - and for those buyers ready for real exposure. Earshot Jazz says "Wilson springs a performance that makes sure no one forgets...as with his old friend, Joe Lovano, during which Lovano repeatedly turned to Wilson as if to make sure it was just one guy in that chair..."