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Greg Williamson & the Big Bad Groove Society, Live at Kellys

This re-mastered releases celebrates the 10-year anniversary and the formation of Pony Boy Records. Greg Williamson & the Big Bad Groove Society is a hard hitting jazz sextet, formed in 1991 by a drummer known for his straight ahead drive. The musicians all come from the training ground of hard road travel with big bands (Woody Herman, Dorsey, Miller), where slamming the music home is the appassioned priority. The all-original arrangements employ the harmony and swing of a big band, the depth of a philharmonia, and the attitude of Rhythm & Blues. Their widely acclaimed 1994 release "Live at Kellys" on Pony Boy Records captures their live energy at an institute of jazz heritage, Red Kelly's own club. Also includes Larry Fuller at piano, now an international superstar of jazz piano. "High on the rhythmic and melodic slam-o-meter... with lushness and rich lustre."- The Rocket

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