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Jorgenson, John and Orchestra Nashville, Istiqbal Gathering

Istiqbal Gathering is the exciting culmination of a seven-year collaboration between Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso John Jorgenson and Paul Gambill, conductor of the acclaimed and progressive Orchestra Nashville. Each piece was commissioned especially for this project, the first full album of new music for gypsy-jazz guitar and orchestra. By deftly combining traditional classical structures with gypsy music, world music and jazz, Jorgenson and his collaborators have created music that is vital and enthralling, full of soaring melodies and driving rhythms, and utterly new! Jorgenson's brilliant guitar work leads the way. Concerto Glasso and Istiqbal Gathering feature a full orchestra (the latter showcasing the dazzling talents of Fedoriuk on cimbalom and the breathtaking violin of David Davidson) while Dieter's Lounge and Groove in the Louvre feature the unusual combination of string orchestra along with the Grammy-winning Turtle Island Quartet, whose groundbreaking techniques are in full force. This CD should eliminate any doubt that Jorgenson’s musical boundaries are extremely wide. Already known as the "US Ambassador of gypsy jazz" for his mastery of the style forged by legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Jorgenson takes the style into completely new realms with Orchestra Nashville, and has very likely made a big contribution to the future of orchestral guitar.