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Vayo, Gaucho

"The gaucho is a vital element in the cultures of Uruguay, Argentina, and the south of Brazil, Even in the urban environment, the gaucho has been held as a hero of the struggles for national independence, as a symbol of instinctive interaction with nature, and as a poet and musician. While I sing some themes from an outsider's affectionate point of view of the world of the gaucho, in others I impersonate that mythical figure of another era, thus giving him a voice that relates to my world. This album, however, is not folk music. It is my vision of the gaucho persona enveloped by music that grows from the richness of his history." …Vayo
  • Format: CD
  • Cat: PAN-1010
  • Label: Pantaleon Records
  • UPC: 619981289825
  • Cost: $9.90
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