Burnside Album Details

Howell, Steve and the Mighty Men, Yes, I Believe I Will

In his new release, master Texas acoustic guitarist and singer Steve Howell and The Mighty Men perform a range of soulful music burning with an inner flame growing brighter with each listening, while revealing layers of expression often lost in high decibel electric blues. Howell’s fourth release finds him in the estimable company of his friends, and Mighty Men, Chris Michaels (electric and acoustic guitars, bass), Dave Hoffpauir (drums) and Jason Weinheimer (engineer/keyboards). A unique set of ten modern and prewar covers constitutes an extraordinary musical ramble. Howell’s nimble picking, the uncommonly supple groove of Hoffpauir, the fluid electric licks from Michaels, and the masterful touch of Weinheimer on the mixing board and organ come together to bring the songs to life in a rare way. Howell “lives” through the dark temptations of life, the intertwining acoustic and electric guitars above the rhythm section producing a web of swirling feelings. Like a great method actor, Steve Howell inhabits his music with enormous genuine authenticity. The title Yes, I Believe I Will at once declares his intent and resolve to play the blues his way, producing an unforgettable experience blurring the line between art and life.