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Doucet, Suzanne & Chuck Plaisance, Thunderstorm (Thunderstorm & Rain)

Thunderstorm and Rain are so realistic on this CD that the listener feels as if he is surrounded by these sounds! Each CD of the best selling Sounds of Nature series was recorded in 3 D by Chuck Plaisance. Chuck Plaisance and Suzanne Doucet have been composing, editing and arranging these sound recordings to recreate the most realistic experience. Chuck's recording system is designed to simulate human hearing, using a binaural head microphone to capture the depth, height width, as well as directional sound movement. No special equipment is needed to get 3D sound from traditional speakers. In fact these sounds will make your system sound like it never has before. Headphones are recommended for best results. Thunderstorm was #2 on the environmental charts for over 2 years.

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