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Anonymous Choir, Sings Leonard Cohen

In 2011, Anonymous Choir emerged as a wintertime project led by singer/songwriter Nona Marie Invie. The Choir gave Invie, and close friends, a way to purge the winter blues, while strengthening their creative bonds. As a result the project continued to evolve and now Anonymous Choir has performed for both local and national venues, including providing original live choral scores for film festivals and dance performances, The choir is comprised of an array of women who enjoy singing and experimenting vocally, and come from varying vocal experiences. They kneel at the altars of such luminaries as Kate Bush, Neil Young and Nina Simone. Invie reimagines and arranges the pieces into four part harmonies for the group, while taking the vocal lead and piano accompaniment. The latest recording Anonymous Choir Sings Leonard Cohen is a selection of Leonard Cohen originals recorded live at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth, MN.

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