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Little Freddie King, You Make My Night

“New Orleans musical tradition is usually steeped in jazz, R&B, and funk, which is why Little Freddie King is such a unique local treasure - he delivers nothing but authentic Mississippi Delta juke-joint blues, pure and uncut, presented with the kind of laidback stagger and sometimes frightening shaggy dog tales you only find in The City That Care Forgot. This live set showcases an unschooled master at work: his guitar leads are taut and springy, his vocals booming in the best field holler tradition, his spare three piece backing band tipping to catch him when his pawn shop guitar wanders off the beaten path. This is the pure gutbucket blues from a man who's lived the life, a fascinating and raucous document of one of the last truly unselfconscious blues moaners”….Offbeat Magazine

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