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Little Freddie King, Chasing tha Blues

Little Freddie King's life has always been hard. Hell, not long ago he was blown out of New Orleans by Katrina and he went missing for a time. It's always been this tough and it always will be. Chasing Tha Blues takes you on a rough ride through Freddie's life. It's all here, including what is the toughest, grittiest blues anthem you've ever heard - Born Dead. Freddie came up in the Mississippi that is hard to think about. Born Dead puts you in a high row in the cotton fields. A few simple lines and it's clear that these same fields were for hanging. No matter whether it's at home at BJ's in NOLA, on the road in New York, or overseas, the vocals are made of grit and tears and the guitar licks can't be written down. The power is in the spaces between the notes. Scott M. Bock, Living Blues (USA), Juke (UK), Block (Netherlands)

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