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Talkdemonic, Mutiny Sunshine CD

Mutiny Sunshine is the pre-chillwave downtempo folktronic debut by Talkdemonic largely performed by founding member Kevin O'Connor, with string arrangements added by the soon to be full time violist Lisa Molinaro. O'Connor found something entirely new in the old dusty Italian Crumar synths, pristine Moog keyboards, vinyl samples, and drum machine sequencers. Massive drums collide with acoustic guitars, as violas soar above the mix, at once epic and tender. Tiny Mix Tapes described Mutiny Sunshine as "an incredibly inviting album, offering an authentic human aspect to what could largely be considered an electronic record." Since its 2004 release, Talkdemonic have gone on to release four albums and have recently toured with the Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse. The LP reissue includes a beautiful gatefold jacket, super thick vinyl and handy download code. This record has matured beautifully in the synth packed environs of 2012.

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