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Beaten By Them, Invisible Origins

"Second release from American/Australian quintet Beaten by Them, building on their highly original debut, Signs of Life. Invisible Origins offers up a riveting, white-knuckle ride through an ever-shifting musical landscape. With a thunderous rock rhythm section to keep things moving, electronic textures that would be at home on a Warp Records release, and emotional voices created by cello, piano, vibes and other acoustic instruments - this is an expansive and multi-layered instrumental work. While having an obvious kinship with the great rock and fusion records of the early 1970s, Invisible Origins is difficult to pigeonhole. Will appeal to fans of the postmodern music makers. ""Beaten By Them could possibly be the next noise rock superstars with their great use of poetic tone and musical mastership...” - NeuFutur Magazine "

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