Burnside Album Details

Berry, Chris, King Of Me

This album is a first of its kind where Chris Berry has electrified and added effects to what has mostly been an acoustic African instrument, the Mbira; and used it to fill the roles normally occupied by a bass guitar and a keyboard. Paired with Ivorian power house kit player Abou Diarrassouba (Alpha Blondy, The Wailers) and supported by seasoned percussionist Daniel Moreno (George Benson, Don Cherry). Young shredding Malian Djembe player, Moussa Camara, also makes an appearance. Culminating years of combined experience, this crew laid down exceptional rhythm tracks displaying fierce musicality as a bedrock for Chris' inspired songwriting. Long time Berry collaborators and members of The Brazilian Girls, Aaron Johnston and Jesse Murphy to co-produce the tracks "Many Have Not" and "The Other Ones".