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Spears, Jay, We Are All Born Lucky

First came Boy Howdy, with boy-meets-boy pop tunes like I Like Mike and Cryin’ Over Brian, followed by Playin’ On My Team, with its full-choir gospel rocker Smak Dem Christians Down (endearing him to hypocritical right wing evangelicals everywhere). Then came cancer. Surgery. Chemotherapy. Neuropathy. Narcotics. Steroids. Survival. Finally healthy once again, here’s Jay’s comeback album. How does it feel? It’s titled We Are All Born Lucky. Serving up his easy-going west-coast sensibility in a burst of warm California sunshine, with juicy harmonies, extra-crispy guitars, brassy big-band beats, and a bit of an edge, Jay's third CD of witty, peppy pop takes on life in the big city, L.A. style. Spears is an eccentric and an original, less pretentious than established pop stars, but funnier, more radical and more now. The eclectic elements coalesce into a signature style: guitar-pop with an agenda. The result is mature and authentic. Jay Spears is funny, angry, sexy, generous and badly-behaved. He enjoys himself. He has no interest in being cool or post-modern or evasive. He is a true heir of the '60s, when style and political engagement were more congruent, and pop music had more spiritual energy. Robert Farrar, psychodrome.co.uk

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