Burnside Album Details

Sunset Valley, Goldbank 78 Stack

On Sunset Valley’s forth full-length, quirky, power-pop/indie-rock outfit Sunset Valley, fronted by the charismatic Herman Jolly, return with their most energetic, lyrically-defining, melodic record to date: “Goldbank 78 Stack”. Much like Frank Black’s uncanny ability with a lyrical twist, fusing rubbish with deep sentiments, Sunset Valley leaves you both baffled and stunned with the turn of a phrase. “Goldbank 78 Stack” finds the power trio back in fine form, returning to the glory days of their debut, “The New Speed”, playing melodic, jangle-y, fast, and fun songs that are both serious and tongue-in-cheek – and get you laughing, smiling, and having a great time in the process.