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Buoy LaRue, Spin Out Of This

Featuring a cast of notable Northwest performers, Portland, Oregon's Buoy LaRue - front man Michael Herrman on guitar and vocals, Adam Hoornstra (Oregon Ballet, Eugene Symphony) on viola, Adam East (Sweetjuice, Casey Neill) on piano, Keiko Araki (Oregon Symphony) on violin, Steve Drizos (Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons) on drums, and Will Amend (Echo Helstrom) on bass and including a guest appearance on several tracks from The Decemberists' Jenny Conlee deliver a stunning, beautiful debut with Spin Out of. Creating lushly orchestrated rock songs that range from sweetly ethereal to symphonically head-banging, Buoy LaRue is able to meld classical training with a rock upbringing, ensuring a warm, melancholy, string-laden offering that was brought to life at a haunted building in North Portland, an abandoned Masonic temple, by the hands (and ears) of engineer/producer Jim Brunberg from Mississippi Studios.