Burnside Album Details

Xuefei Yang, Si Ji (Four Seasons)

"Si Ji in Chinese is Four Seasons. We have chosen it to be the title of this ‘China’ inspired album. I hope this disc will leave you with an image of variety and diversity of colors, like the four seasons. As a musician, I feel a responsibility to communicate between different cultures and people through my music. As an artist from China, I would like to infuse the culture of my country in my music. As a guitarist, I hope to make a small contribution towards expanding the guitar repertoire, exploring new possibilities and enriching the techniques for the instrument. The guitar originated in the Middle East, halfway between China and the West. Chinese culture is refined, poetic, expressive and adaptable, like Chinese painting. These virtues can be usefully applied to the guitar. I was struck by the possibilities of the instrument after recording this CD—how ideas from the east have helped in exploring and enriching what is essentially western music. I make music from my heart as always, and I hope that you will respond in a similar way. Xuefei Yang "