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Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, Wildfire

Folks say Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun occupy a strange land...a territory full of noisy chaos that dances around many perfectly manicured landscapes. Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is about the collaborative. It's about the connections between sound and people. It's about the heart and the head. It's for mistakes and triumphs, and against arrogance and underconfidence. A band of four. 2 girls. 2 boys. Noisy. Dancy. Loud. Sincere. Sweaty. Loveable. Hardworking. A real good time. Touring full-time since August '09. Their dwellings are in Atlanta, GA, but they call the East Coast home. Wildfire is their first full-length (though following three acclaimed self-released EPs), an indie-pop masterpiece of dichotomy: heights and depths, waves and crescendos, synths and breathy vocals, dancy rhythms and dark themes.

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